Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Road Trip Day One

Elaine rang the hospital this morning and told them she was in agony with a swollen belly so they told her to come in at midday and they would once again drain the ascites fluid..

We  had the van half packed , so we took off to the hospital in the van with all the dogs as we didn't have enough time to arrange dog sitters.  

I sat in the van with the dogs and on the internet trying to sort out our Spanish NIE and also trying to get medical insurance. We have a glimmer of hope that we may be able to transfer our Australian medical insurance to a Spanish health provider as they are both under the BUPA umbrella, unfortunately the Australian end is playing hardball and making it very difficult, mind you after putting a post on their Australian facebook page things are starting to happen. If it comes off it could mean that Elaine could be covered for any future medical expenses, it could literally save us thousands, but we are not there yet.

By 14.30 Elaine had been drained along with her wallet, we drove the 90ks back to the villa and carried on packing.

By the time we had finished it was past 17.30, but we headed off for a 20 minute drive up the coast and have moored up a a clothing optional beach!

The average age of the nudista is about 70 so it would be a lot kinder to out eyesight if they took the option of wearing clothes!

It is a nice spot though.

We have German, Norwegian, Spanish and Polish neighbours. 

Tomorrow we will head of along the coast with no destination in mind.


  1. Hi Paul and Elaine, good to hear that Elaine's feeling more comfortable. Sending you both hugs and heaps of love xx

  2. Do hope Elaine feels much more comfortable Paul, and hope the Bupa thing pays off for you Darl... Looks a great beach ! xx