Friday, May 13, 2016

Favourite Spanish Stuff.....

Firstly paella, lots of restaurants serve paella, but finding a good one is a bit more difficult.

The best ones locally are made in one of our local restaurants El Sitio.

We went there on Wednesday night, the Paella was once again superb ...

Not much left ...

Another one of our  favourite Spanish things is La Carolina Beach.

We went there yesterday in the motorhome.  It is a one hour drive up the coast. 

It is a lovely spot and is frequented by motorhomes from all over Europe ...

The girls stayed by the motorhome soaking up the sun whilst I went walking up and down the surrounding hills with the dogs, well two of them.  I cant handle all four at once, especially walking along unfenced cliffs!

It was a tricky hike to the top but as an extremely fit athlete I took it in my stride!

Our motorhome is the little dot in the middle.

I downloaded a short video from the dash cam, which shows the road along the coast back to Mojacar.  There are some fantastic roads for motorbikes with so little traffic. 

The quality isn't great.  I'm a bit of a Luddite with this video malarkey!  It's crystal clear out of the camera, but by the time I put it on the blog the quality is crap ...

Julie heads off back to the UK tomorrow.  It's been a pleasure having her with us, and a great help around the house ... and the little doggies love her. 

See ya in Bath in July, Julie xxxxx


  1. Have you tried uploading the dash am footage to your YouTube account first and then embedding the video into the HTML editor of blogger after that. This way you get to choose how large your video appears within your blog. Not difficult, can all be done by copying the code from the YouTube 'embed' share facility and then pasting the code into the HTML editor by changing the tab from the normal text editor, changing it back again afterwards. Use blogger preview before publishing to ensure you are happy with the layout, no side overlap etc.

  2. I will get my editor to check it out, we dropped by your camp a few weeks ago but you had all left.

    1. That's a pity. Be sure to catch up with us when you are back in the UK, we are only a ston's throw away.