Thursday, May 19, 2016

Road Trip Day 3

A good start to the day, with the help from Bupa Spain it looks like we can now can now get health insurance in Spain, we are not quite there yet, but so close. When I say we I mean Elaine who has been refused any sort of health insurance or assistance because she has cancer.

Elaine felt really grotty, so we decided to abandon the trip and head back to the villa, we also needed to print and scan some documents so away we went.

By the time we had back to the villa and done the scanning printing etc Elaine felt a lot better so we took off again to our favourite spot La Carolina Playa.

We arrived at about 16.30, I took the dogs for walks in shifts whilst Elaine relaxed in the lovely sunshine.

It is a really magical spot

The sunset was gorgeous and a precursor for another sunny hot day tomorrow.

We will stay here until Saturday, then we will have to return to Mojacar as its FA cup final day!! 

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  1. Hi both, What a terrible time you’ve been having lately, we hope that your BUPA finally comes good very soon and you can relax in that regard. You’re both in our thoughts often. Good luck to you both. xx