Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Went all A Bit Pear Shaped After The Footy

We came back from our little road trip yesterday.  Elaine wasn't feeling great so we left early in the morning.   Once back at base I emptied the van whilst Elaine had a good sleep.

I put the washing machine through its paces for a good catch-up wash.....exciting stuff eh!

I had planned to go down the pub to watch Man Utd vs Crystal Palace for the FA Cup Final .  I was also meeting up with an old school friend who has a place down here and he was here for the weekend on a flying visit.

Elaine said she was OK to be left plus I had my phone with me if she needed anything.

The game went to plan with the mighty reds (playing in white) coming away with the trophy ...

It then went all a bit pear shaped!!!  I was supposed to get a takeaway chinky on the way home but Elaine sent me a message asking if I could come home straight home and forget the take away.

When I got into the house Elaine looked awful and was struggling for breath.  I checked her temp and she was reading a 'gnat's cock' under 40 degrees.

I was in a bit of a panic as what to do so I dialled 112 for an ambulance. As my Spanish is virtually zero I had a 3 way chat with the dispatcher and a translator, they said they would send an ambulance straight away.

I took about 20 mins to get here - I could hear it coming but I think he got a bit lost on the hill roads!  Eventually they found us and three crew came in.  They assessed her and gave her a jab of  metamizole for her fever and pain.  They asked for our insurance details but as yet, because of the bungling Aussies, we haven't got it (but we should have it next week).  Their English was very little so I rang our translator friend, who is fluent in Spanish.  She translated for us and said, because we have no insurance, to take her to hospital in the ambulance it would cost the national debt.  They were happy she was stable so suggested that I take her in the car.

The hospital is about 40 mins drive away, so I fitted the 'blues and twos' and away we went in the mighty Citroen C3!  The roads were empty so it was pedal to the metal and we were at the hospital in no time at all.

They were fantastic at the hospital and started treating her the minute she walked through the door.  We used our EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which is a free card that allows you free medical treatment in any European country, in an emergency.

They did blood and urine tests, ECG, Xrays and treated her with IV paracetamol, anti-emetics, saline, antibiotics and also oxygen and within a few hours everything had returned to normal.  

In the famous words of 'South Park' .... drugs are bad good (!)... OK?!!!

We left the hospital at 03.00 am.

Today she feels a lot better but still not well by any means. 

We had a good lay in this morning followed by a a special brunch to celebrate little Sammie's Birthday.

This was Sammie last year celebrating with a pint of Boddies ...

This year it was a spicy sausage ...

We haven't done a great deal for the rest of the day as its been a scorcher!  I took the boys for a walk but it was just too hot, so we have been chillin' on the deck in the shade. 

Tonight we will finally get our Chinese take away !