Thursday, July 6, 2017

Back In The UK Visiting Graveyards!

Tuesday night I stopped for the night at Rouen. As it had been a long drive I ordered room service of Pizza and a bottle of red, lovely. 

Wednesday morning I was up early and had breakfast at a servo, cross ants and coffee! 

It was a short two and a half hour drive to Calais on virtually deserted roads. 

My shuttle had a one and a half hour delay delay because a car had broken down in one of the carriages and had taken a while to remove it.. It was quite hot, whilst I had a cool drink the dogs played in the pet pen.

Finally we boarded the train.

Nice fast crossing, I stayed with the dogs in the car. 

Last night it was my niece Hayleys birthday so a few family members went out to a local pub. It was a lovely night but I was shattered. 

Today I visited a few of my deceased relos with my sister Jackie.

First up was mum and dads grave, a new headstone is being made up which should be ready in a few weeks.

Then to another cemetery to visit my nan and grandads grave on my mothers side. they are also waiting for a new headstone. 

And finally nan and grandad on my dads side.

Peace xx

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