Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Penlee Lifeboat On A Job

The weather had deteriorated overnight,  the wind had really picked up and the sea had become quite choppy. I checked the weather radar and there were mega storms out to sea, but it looked like they were going up the coast and would miss us in Mousehole.

I spotted a large jack up rig coming into the bay, it was being towed by two big tugs. Im guessing it was sheltering from the rough seas.

As I was taking the boys out the Penlee lifeboat was motoring out at high speed. 

There was also a large helicopter hovering just above the sea. 

The lifeboat was heading out to a yacht. 

They soon caught up with it and came along side.

Im guessing it was engine failure and it would be too tricky to sail into the marina with high winds. 

They soon got a tow line on and away they went back to port. 

I carried on my walk through the village and up to the hill behind Mousehole. 

I went for an afternoon beer down the ship, the weather just looked too dodgy to go exploring. 

The rig has now jacked itself up well out of the water and the the two tugs were anchored nearby.

I sent my photos to the local Penlee lifeboat station, they sent me a nice thank you note and put up a couple of my pics. 

Well done the RNLI.

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