Thursday, July 13, 2017

More Cornwall

I mentioned a few days ago that the old Penlee lifeboat station is just across the road from where I am staying, I went over there today to check it out.

8 Incredibly brave men lost their lives from this station back in December 1981.

The lifeboat that was lost was made of wood and simply shattered when it whilst trying to rescue the people off the large ship  which was also lost with all hands. 

The new lifeboat is a much bigger all weather craft and is kept in the water at nearby Newlyn.

The old lifeboat station is no longer in use but serves as a memorial to the brave men from Mousehole. 

I Then took the boys for a walk to St michael's mount, the tide was low so we could walk out to it along the causeway. 

Looking across the bay towards Mousehole. 

You cant take the dogs up to the castle but you can walk around the harbour, which was fine. 

Looking back towards Marazion. 

And finally found a nice quiet spot and ate a terrific cornish pasty.  

I got back to base late afternoon and spent an hour polishing the shaguar, no doubt it will be covered in seagull shit in the morning, the bloody things are huge!

Pleased to say Im feeling better today, as I have been told many times and have experienced it many times, the grief comes in waves and eventually you hope they get smaller and further apart, every now and then though you get a rogue wave to stuff you up.

I checked out the holiday house at Zennor, it has 5 bedrooms and sleeps 10 all for £4250 a week, who's coming next year?

Love xxxx


  1. I can do you a very nice bungalow in Rock for £700 a week in low season £1500 a week in peak season, sleeps 6, dogs welcome :-)

  2. Paul,
    I don't think you know how fantastically well you are doing!! Elaine I am sure would be very proud of you although still point out the error of your ways!! Please don't give up blogging!

  3. Following your interesting travels around fabulous locations with your two little companions is so uplifting.
    I especially enjoy the amusing way you see things sometimes, so please keep your blog going as it's just brilliant!
    Ann Makemson