Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Lovely moon when I walked home from the pub the other night.

 Yesterday was a complete washout, the boys were quite happy to just sleep all day, I didnt mind too much as I had hurt my back so it was nice to give it a rest.

 The view was just miserable.

 I was going a bit stir crazy though so I took the boys for a walk in the rain, they weren't amused.

I walked past this place in Mousehole, years ago we stayed here and it was up for sale, at the time it was a good price and it had a big bonus for a mousehole cottage, it had a garage!
It is a private house now and looks lovely. 

Today I was up pretty early, first stop was Hayle to get the Polish boys to give the Shaguar a good clean up, it looks lovely now.

I then headed off to Zennor cove and did a bit of the cliff walk with the boys.
It was a lovely day and quite hot in the sun. 

Lots of doggies out walking, 

Some brave souls going for a swim. 

It is a stunning area. 

This house is a holiday rental, its in a superb secluded location. 

Should rent it out next year, anyone fancy it, Im not too good at this holiday on your own lark.  

I will check the price out! 

The day finished with scones and coffee. 

It certainly is a lovely place down here and I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more, as I have said, being on your own just isnt fun, I think im the only Nigel no friends here, I cant imagine what it must be like to be a single woman, at least Im quite happy to prop up a bar, it must be much harder for the ladies. 

Im not sure how much longer I will carry on blogging, its starting to feel like a chore, and it doesn't give me the buzz that it did pre Elaine passing.

I read it back and it just reads crap, Elaine was good at making my crap look interesting.

Its not just the blog, I have lost interest in just about everything, I probably should be grateful for being able to travel and not have to work etc, but I would much rather be stony broke and have Elaine back.

Peace xx


  1. I'm sure you would Paul. Probably, in hindsight, it wasn't a good idea to have a holiday especially somewhere you had been with Elaine. It's not a surprise you've lost interest in things but do blog occasionally if you can. I'm sure you have other reader, like me, who like to know how you are and what you are up to.
    No Herbie

    1. Its not too bad now that I am a few days in. x

  2. I can totally understand how hard it must be to holiday on your own - part of going to visit places is the joy of sharing, but good on you for taking the plunge and doing your UK tour. I for one would miss your blogs, Paul, but will you have to do what is right for you. It would be good to have some way to keep in contact as we have friends in Spain we visit most years. Last year we were booked to spend a few days in Mojacar and we were hoping to be able to meet up, but our friend had recently finished chemo and was still not feeling too good, so the trip was postponed, but we do hope to do it one day. I am glad to say that things seem to be going well for our friend, so we are keeping everything crossed for her. Take care and keep on keeping on. Jennie nb Tentatrice

  3. Agree, an occasional blog would be good, and keep us all updated. Within 24 minutes you have had 9 folk look to see how you are doing on your live traffic feed.

    1. Cheers Andy, I will cut down once I get back to Spain, at the moment there are a few things to block about.

  4. Agree also, perish the thought of a word-less Paul ;)

  5. Wot no Manly Ferry. Won't hear of it! How else are we to know how you and the boys are? Take care bud and do the occasional finger tapping please, for us out here in tinterwebland.
    If Carling do blogs they won't be half as good as yours

    1. Thanks for that glad you are enjoying your boating x

  6. Holidaying is hard alone :(
    As others have said an occasional update would be good.
    Take care

    1. Indeed, its a lot harder than I thought it would be x

  7. Paul, I don't know how you and Jaq Biggs do it - I am amazed and so admiring of the fortitude you both show in this journey onwards on your own.
    About the blogging, I get the feeling it is an outlet for you, a way to tell others what you are feeling without worrying about whether you are upsetting people. So, as you still need that outlet, my suggestion would be to keep going. We can all cope with Paul sad, and with Paul OK, as well as Paul happy. And it allows us to offer you the support you need at the time you need it based on how youy are doing at any particular time.
    And, by the way, you appear to me to be doing fantastically. It isn't always ghastly and it isn't always fun, but you are getting on and living your life - just as El would want you to. Be aware though, she would have known you'd have periods where it was all too hard. That's where we, your readers and friends, come in - as she knew we would!
    Stay cool, mate, and keep on keeping on. You are extremely brave, mate.

    Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)