Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trip Back To The UK Continued.

I was up early Monday morning, and enjoyed a lovely crap breakfast at the servo next to the hotel! 

Empty roads and lovely views as we approached the Pyrenees mountains. 

As we leave leave Spain, it starts to green up. 

By the time we drop down the other side into France its lush. 

I stopped for the night with some friends who are looking after a large 15th century huge house close to the village of Condom in south west France.

We met Dan and Esther exactly 3 years ago at Lake Maggiore in Italy. They are still travelling in a motorhome, but wintered in San Jose Spain. Whilst there they adopted a Spanish stray dog, a few weeks later she had 6 puppies!  They have kept 4 of the puppies and adopted out 2 of them. 

They are thinking of buying a larger motorhome so they can carry on travelling with the extra crew. 

The house is surrounded by beautiful sunflowers. 

Sammie and Bombo enjoyed playing with their new friends. 

I left them this morning (Tuesday) and drove for seven and a half hours to Rouen where I checked into an Ibis hotel and ordered room service of Pizza and a bottle of red.  

Its only a two and a half hour drive to Calais tomorrow, so all going well I should be in Milton Keynes late afternoon.

Peace xx

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