Monday, July 17, 2017

Back To Being Nigel.....

............No friends.

Brother Russell and wife Tracy left yesterday afternoon, but firstly we went for a good walk around and managed to get a look at the redundant Penlee lifeboat station from another angle.

After they left I went down the pub, it was absolutely packed with the Mousehole choir, they had been singing earlier on the quayside. They belted a few songs out in the pub, it was very moving.

As it was a Sunday the chef came to visit the boys with loads of roast beef, they are very spoilt down there.

They are switching on the lights at night, they are quite nice. 

After a very late night it was a late start to the day, I went for my usual stroll around Mousehole with the boys. 

Elaine and I stayed at this cottage about four years ago, its lovely inside and has a nice garden and a garage! 

It really is a lovely place to visit. 

After lunch I drove over to a beach near Hayle called Gwithian, its separated into two parts dog and non dog friendly. 

This is the non dog beach. 

And this is the dog beach, and what a lovely beach it was. 

I tied them together so Sammie couldnt scarper. 

The biggest dog friendly beach I have ever seen. 

There were a lot of people out learning to surf. 

Next stop was Praa Sands which is where my love affair of Cornwall comes from, we came down here every year all throughout the sixties and early seventies. 

On the way back to base I pulled in to check out the Penzance to London sleeper which is kept in sidings near St Michael's Mount until it is ready to head back to London about 22.30.

This engine was originally built in the early sixties and hit the tracks on February 18th 1965, it has been rebuilt, but still good going to be hauling an express train at over 50 years old. 

The St Mary lifeboat was on the slipway at Newlyn so I had to stop and check it out, looks like its just getting an anti foul. 

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