Sunday, July 9, 2017

The UK Tour Begins.

My lovely niece Kimberly bought me some new posh Crocs, what a lovely girl.

She knows her uncle is a fashionista and loves his crocs!

On Friday Kimberley and myself drove over to Chipping Norton to meet up with Bryan who had wintered in Mojacar and became a good friend.

We went to a most fantastic pub called The Falkland Arms for lunch, there were also a lot of Triumph sports cars there, which was interesting as I had  TR6 from 1976 through to 1990 when I sold it in Australia.

This immaculate TR5 would be worth a fortune now.

A pimento red TR6 just like the one I had, with the Jag behind it. 

We had a good catch up with Brian, I will see him again later this year when once again he escapes the UK winter. 

The pub is in the village of Great Tew in Oxfordshire, well worth a visit if you are in the area. 

Saturday I was up early for the drive down to Mousehole in Cornwall.

It took me about six hours as I Had a couple of stops including this one on the outskirts of Bristol. 

The cabin is lovely and has a great view across the bay. 

I went for a walk into Mousehole which is only 5 minutes walk away.

There was some sort of surfboat race going on. 

Mousehole is stunning and was one of mine and Elaine's favourite spots in the UK or the world for that matter. 

 It is such an iconic English fishing village. 

The ferry from the Scilly Isles passed across the bay. 

I went for a walk down to the harbour again this morning, the new lifeboat was going on a shout. The old lifeboat station is opposite the entrance of where I am staying. It was home to the Penlee lifeboat which was one of the most famous lifeboats in the UK. Unfortunately it is famous because it was wrecked with the loss of all hands in December 1981, you can read about it here

The tide was well and truly out this morning. 

Its a bittersweet trip coming here as I have some fantastic memories of coming here numerous times including our honeymoon, but on my own its so difficult, and I did have a bit of a meltdown yesterday. 
Thankfully I feel a lot better today, it helped a lot to talk to one of my friends, but I do hate burdening people with my problems. I am forever grateful to that person who has helped me more than I care to remember. I wish there was some way to repay these lovely people who go out of their way to help me.

Tomorrow I will have a bit more of an explore around this lovely area of England.

Peace xx 


  1. I've been to Mousehole and even know how to pronounce it! Also went over on the ferry to the Scilly Isles. That was a looong time ago now!

  2. You were at Gordano service station Paul? We live in Portishead, you could have called in! Take care Paul and enjoy your UK trip. Time is a great healer along with good friends and family things will get better. Paula x