Sunday, July 2, 2017

We're Off

Went and had a final drink down the Emerald Isle last night, said my farewells to Eva and Jay and was home for a reasonably early night.

Up bright and early this morning, checked the villa was ship shape and secure.

Loaded the final bits and pieces in the car and we were off. 

Fantastic weather for the drive, I was heading to Zaragoza which is about a 7 hour drive. 

They really know how to do big engineering jobs in Spain. 

The dogs were very comfy in the back. 

And I was very comfy in the front. 

Past Tueral airport which is a plane storage area in the middle of nowhere. 

They can store 225 planes out here, its a perfect environment, very low humidity and dry. 

The hotel I booked was on the outskirts of Zaragoza, it was a nice hotel but the view wasn't up to much. 

The room was clean so all good, I put the blanket on the bed for the boys. 

After I checked in I went for a short drive down to the centre of Zaragoza. I have been here before, it is a most beautiful city. 

The dogs dont do sightseeing and totally refused to check out the basilica. 

It is most impressive sitting on the banks of the river Ebro. 

Im going to have a nice bath, a glass of red and an early night.

Next stop, somewhere near Bordeaux.

Peace x 

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