Saturday, July 15, 2017

Cornwall, Relos and Boaters

My brother Russell and his wife drove down to see me Thursday night, they head home Sunday evening.

Yesterday (Friday) we headed over to St Ives for the day, it was a glorious sunny day.

Perfect weather for sitting outside of a pub watching the world go by.

Me and bro.

It was pretty crowded but not packed, that will start in a week when the little darlings finish school for the summer hols.

Family shot.

One of the smaller St Ives beaches is dog friendly all year round, such a great idea.

Another St Ives beach.

We watched these pasties being made earlier in the day, so bought some on the way home for dinner.

In the early evening we headed down the ship pub in Mousehole and met up with some boaty friends who happen t be down in Cornwall for a holiday.

Dot and Gordon (NB Ewn Ha Cul) and Roly and Bev (NB Klara), we will catch up again in the week and also later in the year when they escape to Mojacar for the winter.

Today we headed for Lands End, the weather was fine when we left the base but soon deteriorated and was quite cold and a bit of drizzle thrown in.

I had my wet weather Jacket in the car so I was OK, but Russell and Tracy only had t shirts so had to buy a couple of sweatshirts, they looked like a couple of American tourists with their matching clothing.

This group was having their photo taken, you usually have the name on the sign of where you come from but they were pointing to their imaginary friend.

Stunning views at the tip of England.

It was at this point that  Elaine and I sat in February 2015.

The pic below was taken in Feb 2015, we were  participating in a bit of omphaloskepsis.

We were living in Bollington at the time, and were trying to decide which direction we wanted to go in next, I told Elaine it was her choice and I would do whatever she decided.

She didnt want to go back to Oz as it was just too far and any medical treatment would be so expensive, and as its such an expensive place to live I would have to go back to work, she didnt want to buy anywhere in the UK  just yet. She said she didnt want any more chemo, she just wanted to travel around as much as possible until she no longer could. We decided to buy another motorhome and hit the road again.  A month later we bought the Rapido, once we made a decision about anything we put it into practice asap.

The weather really started to turn, and the mist rolled in from the sea.

On the way back to base we stopped in at Porthcurno, which has a superb beach.

Then it was time to pig out on a cream tea.

Tonight Russell is being chef then we'll head down the pub for a nightcap.

Love xxxx


  1. OK - you got us, we had to look that word up to see what you meant. Navel gazing, Mr Google told us, or perhaps, contemplating one's options. Which is what you did, of course.
    Enjoy the rest of your UK trip, and we'll follow along too.
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

  2. Yep - you got me too, Paul! What would we do without Mr Google! Enjoy the rest of the trip. Jennie