Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another day getting the house ready for Auction!

Up early this morning, loaded up the ute with more garden debris to take to the tip. I took the dogs with me and took them for a good walk round Long Reef golf course, treated myself to a large sausage  
and onion roll plus a large coffee for breakfast at the golf course, gave half of the snags to the dogs :-)

After the tip I picked up another ute load of pine chips and proceeded with the help of Bombo....not! to unload them in heaps around the garden

Good place to dig
Elaine then gave me a hand and we spread the chips all over the garden. After we finished the front garden Elaine started to clean up around the pool at the rear of the house. I replaced some cracked tiles leading up to the front door, been meaning to do that job for the past 10 years! We finished around 5 rather buggered.

Tonight Elaine and Anthony (Nephew) are staying in and watching a dvd, I am going down the Manly 16ft Skiff Club to watch Australia vs New Zealand rugby game, they erect a large outdoor screen on the deck. We will probably have a few beers as well, be rude not to.  

Elaine raking the chips

More raking and brushing

Pic of garden from deck

Front garden and garage.

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