Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its all Go!!

We have been having lots of chats between ourselves as to the timing of selling the house, which was going to happen late January 2012 ... it transpires that there are a couple of problems with this, one is that the housing market is going a bit soft and could worsen after Christmas (who knows) and the other being that if it goes on the market in late Jan, we probably wouldn't get to the UK before late April or early May. We would like to get there before that so we can get out on the canal before the season kicks in and get used to our boat.

So.......we have had a chat with Mr Real Estate and we are going to auction the house early October; the campaign will run for a month starting early September but we haven't finalised the exact dates yet.  If all goes well the settlement generally takes another 4-6 weeks, so we should be all cashed up in November !!

Open house coming again soon !!!!!
Now this is the best bit ... we really didn't want to go the the UK so close to Christmas and be a burden on our  relatives with our various animals etc., plus I would be leaving All Marine Spares right at the busiest time of the year and I really didn't want to drop my boss in the do-do.  I had a good chat with the boss-man about it all and the upshot is that he offered us the flat above the warehouse next door!   It's a huge place,  fully air-conditioned etc.  So now we will move in there after the sale with basic furniture and can leave in the new year at any time that suits us.  The Boss will be happy too .. as I won't ever be late for work !

So this weekend we will start again cleaning up the house and garden, sorting out stuff to sell, store or dump - again !

We both are very excited about all this.....there is a light at the end of the Blisworth Tunnel :-)

Yippee !!!

PS:  If anyone wants to come for an Aussie holiday, you had better be quick !!!

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  1. Fantastic news guys! Hope everything goes to plan.
    Elly & Mick