Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Canal Trip Pics

I would have to say I have just recovered from the worst case of jetlag since I have been travelling to and from the UK over the last 30 years!
I put this down to having such an enjoyable trip on the canal, mums 80th, staying in a nice little village (Bollington) and catching up with old school mates.....then 24 hours later its across the other side of the world straight back to work and all that it entails.

Today I am feeling much better, so it only took 7 days to get over it!

So back to the blog and some more pics from the trip.

The Saints car looking in need of a bit of TLC

Puppy outside of the Greyhound pub at Hawkesbury Junction

Steptoe and Sons Boatyard

That's what I'm talking about

Aussie Aussie Aussie

The Caxton Crew

Arley station on the Severn Valley Railway

Bridgnorth Station

Big Bull with rather large rollocks 

Talking Heron

What chocolate biscuits

Passing a boat in the Blisworth Tunnel

Blogging on the roof in the dark

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  1. Very cool photo in the tunnel! Elly

  2. My brother took that from the bow, I was on the stern with my neice Kimberley, her boyfriend Chris was on the tiller, you can tell he was steering by the concentration on his face. We passed about 6 boats in the tunnel...good fun.