Monday, August 22, 2011

Auction Date!

The house goes up for auction on 6th October 2011, which means that the sales campaign will start on Saturday 10th September 2011 and there will be an open house every Saturday till the auction.
So now we are back to sprucing up the house and garden...First we did a fair bit of pruning of the trees and bushes, I took all the off cuts to Kimbriki tip and whilst there got a ute full of wood chipping to pretty up the garden. We spent most of Saturday spreading the chips across the garden, it looks a lot better now, I will get another ute load next weekend and we will finish it off.

Sunday Elaine cleaned out the laundry and spare bathroom and touched up the paintwork. I water blasted the sandstone rocks in the garden and blasted off all the crud and moss etc,  They are now looking a lot better.....not sure that people do blast their sand stone rocks, but they sure do look a lot better when you walk up the path to the house, they are more like bloody great boulders than rocks.
The house is built on sandstone.
We then started painting the railings outside the house till it started raining!
I felt pretty crappy all weekend  and could feel bit of a cold coming on, so today I chucked a sickie, first one in years. So today (Monday) I have spent most of it in bed. Feeling a bit better tonight so could well go back to work tomorrow.
Elaine's nephew has found out he has to get back to Uni in the UK earlier than he thought so we have re-booked his flights and he now leaves us on 6th September, 3 weeks earlier than planned. His dad tried to get the flight changed back in the UK but they said no chance you would have to cancel the flight and rebook it for 1300 pounds!! I spent 1/2 hour on the phone here talking to Qantas, and the flight is changed for 151 pounds.....Result!!

Water blasting the sandstone!

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