Thursday, August 4, 2011

NB Caxton

Yesterday I dropped in to see Lesley, Joe and the 2 doggies on NB Caxton.

I gleaned a lot of info of the livaboard life, plus buying and renting out houses etc in the UK which I think will be the best option, but we will leave that till we are over in the UK next year.

Caxton is a superb boat and ticks all mine and I am pretty sure Elaine's boxes, It is a very bright boat with double glazed portholes and 2 side hatches plus 2 Houdini hatches (skylights).
It has masses of storage, heated wardrobe to heat up the clothes in winter, washing machine, dishwasher! and of course a bow thruster, which  IMHO is a must have.
I wasn't that keen on cross beds but I got a quick demonstration, 2 minutes to be precise on how long the bed takes to make and put away again. 2 mins when your not working and on a timetable is not really a problem. With the extension on the bow there is also plenty of storage for coal, wood and the like.

Caxton is also a very secure boat, which I rather liked.

I think you can guess that I rather like Caxton.

All in all a great day plus lunch as well, it was a pleasure to meet such a most hospitable couple, just a pity Elaine couldn't be with me to share it.

After I left I decided to have  a quick look at the Severn Valley Railway, as there was a steam train about to depart I thought bugger it and jump aboard. A bit longer than I thought the round trip was about 3 hours.

Arrived back at mums in Milton Keynes at 20.30, I left Bollington at 9.00am, a good day.

Going out to The 3 Locks tonight for the final dinner and up bright and early Friday to head off to Heathrow and the Qantas A380. Could I get another upgrade.....?  

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  1. It was lovely to see you Paul, safe journey home and perhaps we will see you BOTH next year.
    Lesley and Joe