Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nearly There

Up early again, and on a Sunday! First stop down to pick up the Ute from outside the skiff club, left it there last night after watching the Aussies beat the Kiwis at Rugby. We then took the doggies for a walk around Curl Curl headland.

Quite a few people out and about enjoying the winter warmth, it got up to 22degrees.

Check out the chap with the full wetsuit and snorkel  gear diving into the ocean.

It was a good day for the rock fisherman with a very small swell

Elaine marched ahead, she was keen to get home and finish off the garden etc.

Back at the carpark even the fire brigade had stopped to have a look at the view across to Manly

We them went up to a landscape company and picked up some pebbles to finish off prettying up the garden, next stop a hire company to pick up some carpet cleaning gear. Elaine and I unloaded 1/2 ton of the pebbles from the Ute and spread them around various spots in the garden. Elaine then starting cleaning the carpets whilst I removed the front screen door and proceeding to spray paint it. After I mowed the front lawn and nature strip I took the dogs and Anthony  and we went down the local car wash to give the ute a good spruce up. There is something very satisfying about sitting down with a coffee and reading the paper whilst the car is washed, vacumned and windows cleaned etc. What would take me a few hours is all done in 45mins, love it.
Back home hang the screen door back on its hinges and  a quick fix of a bathroom tap and another day is gone.
So the garden is now  all finished and looking pretty good.
Elaine has a week off work next week so she will spend that time generally cleaning up and touching up any paintwork etc.
We are off to Melbourne (The Bleak City) for 3 day from next Friday and the Saturday after that is the first open day. I just hope that all this is worth it and we get a quick sale at the right price!    

Front Garden

Elaine and the Bali shrine...Byron our first dog is buried here :-(

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