Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's a Sign !!

This morning when I took the dogs for their walk, I thought I would take my camera with me and take some pics of some of the signs in Manly, as all you thousands of readers know already the anti-dog signs and anti-dog behaviour of my fellow Aussies does my head in. I also included a few other banning-everything signs.

The first usual - not allowed on beaches etc. but also not within 10 Metres of a children's playground and BBQ areas!!

This one is an interesting one, basically if Mr and Mrs Smith want to go down to anywhere in Manly, as in beach, promenade, park or wharf etc. they cannot have any alcohol with their picnic at any time of the day or year - unless of course its the Manly Food and Wine Fair then you can drink as much as you like, as long as its bought from the official stalls.  This happens one weekend a year. Thankfully, most people ignore this rule and do have a drink with their BBQ or Picnic. Why not just arrest someone that is drunk and a nuisance?!  Because its easier to ban everyone from having a drink!  

This one is on the Corso which is a pedestrian-only area linking the Wharf and harbour to the ocean beach.  Basically, everything is banned .. including feeding birds ! It actually used to say 'Please do not spike drinks when in Manly but they actually removed that one as they realised it was pretty stupid ! (Double click on the picture to enlarge it and it is all readable).

Swimming and Diving Prohibited !  Only one comment about this one ... WHY?!

I especially like this one because no fishing is allowed from the Wharf .. even though people have been fishing there for many years !

Here is one we had a protest about a while ago - and won ! (click here to see previous blog entry, for full details). It used to have the 'no dogs' sign on the beach and the grass ... which meant that a dog could only walk (and poo and wee) on the path only - and would not be able to get out of the way for people / prams etc as it would force it onto the grass !

Sign enlargement - they are actually called 'Fairy Penguins' but were renamed 'Little Penguins' for politically correct reasons :)

Standard 'dog prohibited' sign on every beach in Sydney.

It was a nice morning so I took a pic of the Manly Ferry coming in from the City ! Once again, it is very, very rough going across the heads.  Yesterday, one of the Ferries got damaged by a freak wave and has taken it out of action.  Our nephew, Anthony went across to the City on the Ferry today and said many of the poor tourists were screaming!

Last but not least - this was parked on the Ocean Front - and I have absolutely no problem with this sign, whatsoever !

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