Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And The First Person to Fall in the Canal was.......

Bombo........... !

We left Braunston this morning at about 10.30am; after yesterday's lovely sunny day we were back in the drought conditions... as in, pissing down with rain! Never mind, you don't go to England for the weather! ' We headed off up the Oxford Canal, our only plan was to stop at 'Pets at Home' (thanks, Alf!) to get some much needed "Special" food for the menagerie.  We passed 'Derwent 6', they were moored up but were soon out of the side hatch for a very quick chat (ps: love the heart on the stern of the boat!).  We moored up near Bridge 58, which was the closest to the pet shop.  All the prime mooring spots were taken, so I couldn't get right next to the bank - so, as we were leaving to go to the shop, Bombo thought he would jump across the gap.....oops - he has only got little legs and went straight into the canal!!  Bombo doesn't do water.  He went into mega panic, Elaine dropped to her knees to try and pull him out and I jumped off and dragged him out by his harness! Drama! We walked down the very very muddy tow path turned right down a grassy knoll and whooska I slipped over in the mud, Elaine was wetting herself laughing and then whooska she was rolling around in the mud as well!

We bought the necessary animal food plus Elaine bought herself some Union Jack wellies for the continuing drought conditions.  By now Bombo was shaking uncontrollably with the cold so we walked back through the Somme, back to the boat and Elaine gave Bombo a nice hot shower and a warm blankie !

We are now moored up next to the railway line about 1 mile north of the M6 - we kept not-finding suitable mooring spots and ended up here !  Next stop - Hawkwsbury Junction and the Greyhound pub.

No photos today because it was just too bloody wet....but I still love it.           


  1. Nice to see you yesterday, no doubt catch up in the future. Glad you got pet food ok, and hope Bombo's recovered! Now Elaine's bought wellies it will stop raining lol. Enjoy the Greyhound, the food's good :-)

  2. Glad you guys are still having fun despite the extreme weather conditions. Commiserations to Bombo, short legs and long jumps don't go together matey...

    1. Bombo is very much a spoilt girly boy. We are having a ball, just in from a great night at the Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junctin