Monday, October 28, 2013

A Busy Monday

The storm didn't happen up here - we had a bit of rain but that was it.  We are very sheltered in our marina berth though so we don't get blown around no matter which way the wind blows.  It didnt wake us at all, but what did wake me was the fresh water pump running ... it had been running for some time, but more about that later.

First thing in the morning (9.00am!) I let the dogs out for a wee ... the resident swans were next to the boat so Bombo and Sammie were very excited, running around the jetty trying to catch the swans!  The next thing I heard was 'splash' and Bombo was in the water, which he hates.  He was in big panic mode when I grabbed him by the scruff and yanked him out, poor little bugger was shaking with the cold and fright.

Elaine stuck him in the shower and gave him a hot wash ...

We dried him off next to the radiator, he will live to chase swans another day ...

Next the pump....why was it running?

I could hear the valve blowing off on the calorifier ... I lifted the engine room floorboards, the engine room had a few inches of water in it and water was pouring out of the relief valve, no big problem as the automatic float switch was being activated and pumping out the water.  The water pressure should be 30 psi  so I fitted a pressure gauge to the top of the accumulator, it was reading nearly 50 psi ... no wonder the relief valve was blowing off!  Obviously the pressure switch was knackered on the pump, so rather than mucking about with the switch (plus the pump was the original and 5 years old) I decided to fit a new pump.  Guess what, I had a new one on board but it was a different make.....

....but no major probs swapping the fittings over.   The new pump is a 40 psi model but I knew you could adjust the pressure quite easily.

Old Sure Flow on the left, new Johnson on the right.

There is a large hold in the pointy end of Caxton, and the pump is fitted next to the water tank ...

Sammie decided to give me a hand to fit the new pump ...

Job done, the pump is much quieter than the old one and it was a simple job to adjust the pressure to 30 psi - thanks Sam !

The next job was to talk to the motorhome dealer and insurance company, so we can pick it up tomorrow/  We then got onto Trainline to sort out how to get to Newark from Stone ... 4 different trains that's how!

We then went to Midland Chandlers and bought the first of this year's supply of coal, £9.00 a bag - bargain!  We also bought some new bog blue, for the boat and the motorhome ... they both have exactly the same dunny!

It was then spend, spend, spend at Dunelm Mill buying bedding and bits and pieces for the motorhome.

Then a quick stop at Aldi to get a few bags of kitty litter and that was it ... it was dark at 17.00 hours....aarrgghhh, hate it!

Tomorrow we pick up the motorhome....woohoo :)


  1. Hope Bombo has dried out! Exiting times with the motorhome then. Good Luck.

  2. Exciting! Will you start on your travels in the motorhome right away or stay on Caxton over the winter?

    1. Hi Guys, we will stay on the boat and do a few mini trips in the van, once Elaine is all sorted we will sell the boat and take off, fingers crossed and all that!

    2. Good idea … hope Elaine is sorted soon … and stay in touch . xx