Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plans in the Making!

Yesterday Elaine had an appointment in Manchester, which worked out perfectly as the  two other Aussies in Stalag Luft 111 Aston Marina were escaping to some allies in the USA ... they were catching a 'Flying Fortress' out of Manchester aerodrome so we gave them a ride to freedom.  I wrote a blog last year about escaping from a marina, click here, but sometimes the easiest way is too drive straight out through the gate!
It was a totally crap day today weather-wise ... the streets of Stone were deserted.

Elaine walking the empty boulevard.  So what to do??????

"Why don't we go to Spain," says El "and catch some rays, plus have a look at some villas."  We have been looking at some places on the net lately plus we were shown some places at the 'A Place in the Sun Show' last Friday.  Whilst at the show last Friday we had a good chat with Johnnie Irwin, who is one of the presenters of  'A Place in The Sun'.  He liked our plan, although he did think we were a bit mental to leave Oz and live on a narrowboat!  Once we had explained it all he was pretty impressed!  He told us he lives near Paddo basin and jogs around there on his evening run.  He wanted us to go on the show ... bugger that - we are the shy unassuming types!

So today we booked the flights, hotel, hire car, overnight stay in Manchester (as the plane leaves at 6.10 am...the morning one).  Then we went to find a a nice kennel for the doggies!  We chose the first one we visited ... it may have been due to the fact that it looked like the kennel maid had just finished a page 3 shoot!  (Paul, you are a sad git ... El).  Finally, we booked the cats back into the cattery!  Not bad going as we only decided to go to Spain this morning!  Oh, and we are going to be taken round some villas for sale by a real estate chappie who we met at the show.  We leave next Thursday for a quick 5 day trip!

One of the places we are going to check out ...

Quite a fun day really!

Oh - I nearly forgot !  Back in August, we met a professional photographer at a lock on the Kennet and Avon Canal.  He was taking some pics of Bombo sitting on a lock gate and told us to keep a look out on Google Earth for it!  Today, Elaine trawled through his pics and found it ... click here to go to the Google Earth album.  Here he is ... fame at last !!
The photographer labelled his pic as 'I'll see you at the next lock then'.  Nice !!!


  1. Have you considered a 'long term rental in Spain. The Spanish property market is volatile and has been the object of a lot of corruption, back-handlers illegal development so. If you do decide to commit to a purchase be very very cautious. Best of luck. Ps. Paul and Elaine formerly of Nb Piston Broke lived in Spain for many years so they may be a source of valuable advice if you felt the need.

    1. Hi Lesley
      Very early days yet, just going for a break and to see what they have offer.
      Paul x

  2. Spain is consistently hot and sunny at the moment. Hope it stays that way for the both of you. Enjoy your trip, it is nice and quiet out of season too.

  3. Excellent picture of Bombo, have you seen the one on page 14? The guy seems to have walked the length of the K & A taking photos. All good.

  4. Hi Paul and Elaine,

    Hey up what's this then? You've got there before us!!!! Little tinkers, I'm jealous!!!

    We're looking at a lovely little place about an hours drive south of Benidorm. Got Brit estate agents over there "on the case" too.

    We'll be out there for 3 months Jan thru March looking for property whether TT is sold or not...! Can't wait...

    Meantime, enjoy yourselves!!!