Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pre Storm Weekend in Macc

We went to Macclesfield for the weekend, we were due to leave the marina Saturday morning and come back late Sunday arvo.

The biggest storm ever in the world is due Monday morning so Elaine cooked up some drugs Friday night, so at least we would be happy if we were to become shipwrecked. 

In reality she was starting on a new batch of soap, so at least we would be clean should we be stranded for weeks on the boat ...

Saturday in Macclesfield Elaine went to a witchcraft festival (Mind, Body, Spirit actually ... El), whilst I took the dogs for a good walk then watched the Aussies flog England in the Rugby league world cup, which is bit of a joke because only about 3 countries play it ... hardly world material, mind you that beats the yanks with their world series rounders baseball.  How many countries play in that???? ONE! .  

Sunday morning we were up at first light for a breakfast meeting with some of Elaine's old school friends, two of which are now living in Nhulunbuy Australia and were back in Macc for a holiday.

Elaine with her old school friends ...

Me and the boys ...

Afterwards we went for a walk around the world famous (In Macc) Treacle market.  It was actually quite good with some really good stuff.  The black pudding stall had sold out as the northerners had bought it all up in preparation for Monday's Armageddon.

There was a big doggie get together outside the coffee shop ...

The breakfast meeting ended up around lunchtime so we went to the pub for a swift one before we bade farewell and wished them all good luck and hopefully we will see them again if we survive Monday's onslaught.

We got back late Sunday arvo to the boat.  I left Elaine to do the final checks inside the boat and stash everything away that could be flung around the cabin.

I took the dogs for a walk through a wood close to the boat and enjoyed my last few hours in this wondrous country. 

I got back to the boat and boarded up the windows, set the storm anchor, rechecked the mooring lines and fitted a couple of extra bilge pumps. 

We decided as this would be our last day that we had better go out to dinner, so where would you go when its all about to end ... we went to Weatherspoons for the Sunday roast!!!  Washed down with a couple of pints of Guinness (just to cushion the shock).

We put on the TV when we got back to the boat to check the latest forecast to see how long we had left, bugger me, a film was on....The Perfect Storm!!! No Kidding.

Farewell readers its been a blast ... so long and thanks for all the fish! 


  1. If you reply to this, we know that you survived Armageddon like what we have!!

    1. Yep survived. nothing but a damp squib up here!

  2. Was all a bit disappointing here too, even got up early so I could get over the Humber bridge before getting blown off it in the rush hour!