Monday, October 21, 2013

Boudoir Blogging

It is raining so hard outside, that we have decided to stay in bed later than usual (!) and catch up with emails, banking and the most important of all, do the blog and catch up with the goss on facebook!  Here is the weather today ...

We had a pretty quiet weekend for a change.  I decided to light the fire, not because it was cold, but because I had repainted it a while ago and the paint tends to stink a bit on the first burn and I didn't want to stink the boat out on a cold winter's night.  I was out of practice because it took two goes to light it ... it worked a treat though we had all the doors and windows open and it was still like a furnace in the boat!

On Saturday evening Elaine's brother, Trev, paid us a visit bringing with him heaps of boaters gold....wood!

Sunday was a pleasant day so we took the dogs for a walk up the Downs.  I went for an early doors drink down the Swan with Ray and Diane from NB Ferndale ... the pub was quite quiet, they had a plethora of freebie bar snacks and the two fires were raging away.  Very cosy!

When I got back to the boat I lit our fire for the first time proper this season, but it was still a bit too warm so we had to open the windows and side hatch to cool the boat down again!

We then spent a couple of hours on the net looking at property in Spain, because we had watched 'A Place in the Sun' earlier, which was filmed in and around Arboleas.  It looked lovely and a bit more scenic than the lunar landscape that we visited last week.   (Was that really only last week?!!!)  We also checked out the Australian property market which is going off yet again, if we ever do go back we may be able to afford a single garage!

Spanish villa in Arboleas yours for £125,000 ...

One bedroom flat in a rather grotty looking block close to where we used to live back in OZ ...£245,000 ...

The only similarity is the blue sky!!

We are not writing OZ off as a destination that we may return to but it certainly won't (can't) be Sydney.  It is such a shame that I didn't buy a place when I was over there last year, I probably should have upped my offers, I just didn't think that the prices would carry on going up ... hindsight and all that.   

Back to the present, we were going to test drive the motorhome today, but it's just too wet to give it the going over with the fine tooth comb! 

I really hope they get some rain soon down under to try and quell the bushfires that are raging away, its bloody tragic.

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