Monday, October 7, 2013

Dogs, Boats and Bloggers

Elaine gave the both the dogs a wash this morning as they were getting a bit pongy.  They go crazy when they are soaking wet after having a wash and run around like maniacs chasing each other.  They also go crazy when Elaine changes the bed sheets, so this morning they had a double whammy!  After Elaine had washed them she started to change the bed and they decided to crazy ON the bed !!!

Doesnt look like playing does it?!

They tired themselves out before we even went for a walk!

Winter is nigh in the Marina ... today they pulled down the wedding marquee :(

Plus the farm shop and restuarant/bar are now shut on Mondays ... time to reinstate our Monday arvo get-togethers in the huts ... once we have our boaty pals back in the Marina that is !!

As it was yet another warm dry day, I re-painted the cockpit whilst Elaine cleaned up the boat interior, did a million loads of washing plus gave Bombo a trim.

NB Fizzical Attraction is moored up down our arm so Yvonne popped over for a chat this morning ... great to meet you!

In the late afternoon we went down to The Star in Stone and had a drink with Carol and George  (and Molly) from NB Rock N Roll.  We had a good catch up and a laugh - we will see them again before they leave the area though!

... and that was it for another day!  Tomorrow I am hoping for nice weather so I can finish off my painting then we will start preparing for our little holiday :)

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