Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This Was The Week That Was!

It feels like it's been a while, which it has ... my rating has plummeted!  Noooooooooo.......

It has been a very busy week, so a quick recap.

On Thursday we went to Macclesfield for Elaine's appointment at the hospital.

On Friday we went to the NEC to A Place in The Sun Exhibition, but first we went via Kinver canopies, who fixed up the cratch cover.  They repaired a broken zip, put on two small patches and a press stud - the cost?   £0.00 !!!  He reckoned it should have been done last week whilst we waited, but we never expected it to be done then anyway! I gave them some money for a slab so they were happy!

Back to the exhibition - it was really good, with plenty of info to be had! As much as we love England we are dreading the winter already!  The summer was fantastic, but it was still only 3 months long ... we are used to 8-9 months of summer with a not-too-bad winter.  The 'Place in the Sun' we are looking at is in Spain, which all looks good on paper ... villa with pool, nice location, with a motorhome to head north in when it gets too hot.  We have no desire to head back down under just now so this is a very good option, plus we are still close to our families and our beloved England.  This plan is all about 6 or so months away though - we are staying put on the boat in Aston Marina 'till then.

On Saturday we deposited the cats into a local cattery, bundled the dogs into the car and headed south to sunny Milton Keynes.  You would be seriously stuffed in Milton Keynes if you had a stiff neck with all those bloody roundabouts.  They drive you mental!

We stayed with dear old mum and we all went out for a family dinner on Saturday night.
Elaine and mum, with Bombo resting after his road trip.

On Sunday we went on a trip down (my) memory lane, with a drive around some of my old haunts in Luton.
This is the house we lived in late 60s to mid 70s.  At the time it was quite a nice area, now it's a bit (actually a lot) like a tip!

Popes meadow where we used to sledge down in the winter snow ...

Across the road is Wardown Park, which is still a very nice park, except ....

This is the boatshed where they used to hire out rowing boats ... alas no more because of 'health and safety' issues.  On the right is a suspension bridge which is now closed off because of ... yep, more 'Health and Safety' issues!

Next stop, Bury Park which is the main 'multi cultural' part of Luton ...


Driving past the Odean cinema, which is now some strange church ...

Into the town centre which is just desperate.  Nearly all the places on the left hand side of the street are closed down or for sale.

This is the ABC cinema right in the centre of town, it's ... boarded up!

If you think that when I lived in Luton Vauxhall employed 35,000 people, including me.  The population was 165,000 plus there was also Bedford Trucks, Chrysler, Kent meters and SKF, to name a few ... well they have all gone and Luton has gone down the pan with them :(

My nan's old house, which looked good - we had a lot of fun in that house.

My old school, Stockwood High - had a lot of fun there as well, it is now council offices.

The school was built in the late 60's right underneath the flight path of Luton airport!  It boasted an indoor heated swimming pool which was pretty neat.

We then went up to Stockwood park for a break ...

We finished up with a visit to my Dad's grave then dinner at the Three Locks.

On Sunday we caught the train from Milton Keynes to London to catch up with a friend of ours from Sydney who is over here for a birthday and a wedding.

We met Pattie under the big clock at Waterloo station ...

We then went down to the Thames near Tower Bridge and had a very long lunch and caught up with all the goss from The Northern Beaches (of Sydney).

We took Pattie back to Waterloo, and as we had a bit of time to kill we swung by Paddo to check out the basin.  It has changed a lot since we were there in July ... it looks like the continuous moorers have taken over and now looks like a boat scrapyard!  There were some very tatty looking boats moored up including a couple that were there in July!

We travelled back to the boat today and picked up the cats this evening ... so once again we are one big happy family.

Tomorrow Elaine has another appointment, but this time we are off to Manchester!  It's all go !!

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