Friday, October 4, 2013

Dog Whispering!

A rather quiet day today, so I thought I would do a few more little jobs on the boat.  Whilst I was touching up the paintwork Elaine said she was going for a walk with the doggies.  About two hours later she returned with two well at-heel dogs ... she had bumped into the Aston Marina Dog Whisperer, who gave her an impromptu dog training lesson!  I always thought he was bit of a nob, but Elaine reckons he is great and picked up some good tips.  Looks like I stand corrected.

Later in the day we took a walk down to Stone with two very well behaved dogs!  Sammie didn't try and hump any other dogs and Bombo seemed very happy to meet other dogs along the way!  Amazing!

The food and wine festival is on this weekend in Stone so quite a few boats were moored up ...

We popped into the The Star for a swift one and had a good chat with a couple of locals.

Tomorrow we are going to Macclesfield  to see Elaine's dad and brother, plus catch  up with some friends.

Andy, a blog reader, found another pic of Bombo in the Google Earth album (from the Kennet and Avon canal) - Caxton is in the background ...
Thanks Andy - we nearly missed this one!

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