Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Packing cats, dogs and suitcases!

It was another unseasonably warm day today, which was just perfect for finishing off the painting of the cockpit area ... looks pretty good too ! So that is it on the exterior painting apart from a couple of chips here and there.

Elaine packed the bags for the hols plus prepared the dogs and cats for their hols to the kennel and cattery.

When we took the dogs to the kennels poor old Bombo put the brakes on and had to be dragged in by the voluptuous kennel maid!  Sammie just bolted in there ... yippee dogs to play with! We then dropped off the cats and that was it, no more pets .... so, what to do?  As it was now 19.00 and we have virtually no food left on the boat we decided to give the Stone Spoons a go ... bloody good it was too.

We are now back on the boat and it does seem rather strange to have no animals around.  It will be an early night as we have to be in Manchester for an appointment at 08.15, then we will stay in Manchester for the night as the flight to Spain leaves at 06.10 on Thursday! Two early morning starts - yikes!


  1. have a great holiday enjoy the sunshine and relax!

  2. Have a great time away in the sun. We shall be coming down the T&M past your winter home, sorry we'll miss you!

    1. We will probably catch you on your way back up....

    2. Hope your holiday is as warm as ours , have fun. Which kennels did you use?

    3. Very warm thanks, the doggies went to paws a while.