Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friends and Festivals

We went to Macclesfield on Saturday arvo.  Elaine's brother Trevor had some firewood for us so we went to pick it up ... whilst there we nicked a load of his blackberries - they are the biggest and juiciest we have seen and eaten.

Look at the size of the buggers ...

On Saturday night we left Burtie baby sitting the doggies and met up with Elaine's old school friend, Jane and her husband Andy.  We had a great night, having a few beers at the Cricket Club, The English Flag and finishing up at The Cock and Pheasant for dinner and a few more drinks.

Andy and myself had the same dress code and hairstyle ...

We arrived back in Stone just after lunch today and headed straight off down to the 'Food and Drink festival'.  We did our fair share of food sampling and tried some of the real ales - not that we are experts on the real ale malarkey, but we are getting better at it.  Back in Oz the choices of beer are lager. lager and lager, which does suit the hot weather though. 

There were some good bands playing in the beer tent ...

I had a curry for a change, but Elaine struggled to find a lot of veghead options ... although she did find some veggie beer!

It was a very good day out.  They did charge £6.00 a head to get in, which at first I thought was a bit steep, but then again there were a lot of people there ... can you imagine how many would have turned up if it had been free?!  Plus charging an entry fee keeps the riff-raff out!

It's been amazing weather this weekend - today it was nudging 20 degrees at the marina.  We cant't believe the weather for October ... we havn't lit the fire yet! 

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