Friday, October 11, 2013

Viva Espana

Sunshine sunshine and more sunshine, just love it!

Back to yesterday.....we had an early morning start ... 6.10 am, but that was OK as we had booked a hotel right at the airport so we didn't have to travel too far, and it only cost 39 quid!

We then had a bit of a hiccup ... the Froggie air traffic controllers decided to have a strike which was going to delay us by 2 hours, but we taxied to a holding area so that as soon as they got clearance we would be up up and away.  Now the fun started ... I am bit of a air travel snob and reckon people should travel with a bit of respect and decorum - unfortunately we had the Desperate Housewives-of-Manchester / Slappers-R-Us tour of Benidorm plus the Fat-Scouser-Comedian-Tour-of-Torremolinos on board!  Fair dues to the Scousers ... they were pissed before they got on board, so they all fell asleep when they took their seats.  The women, however, were another matter ... what a rabble!  The noise of their cackling sounded like a Kookuburra crossed with a jackhammer.  We were right at the front and they were at the back, and we could still hear them carrying on.  The worst part is that they breed and continue the line......aaarrrggghhhhhhhhh!

Away we went, picked up the u-beaut hire car and drove about 1 hour to our hotel.  Yesterday we didn't do much at all ... had a sleep by the pool, went for a swim, had a walk down to the beach and a couple of beers at the beach hut.  Last night we had dinner in the hotel and a reasonably early night after watching the 'come dancing' squad in the restaurant / ballroom!

I forgot to bring the camera lead so cannot put any pics on from my camera - we will have to rely on the mighty Xperia!  I think you can connect the camera by wifi, so we will have to investigate ... should have brought Tom from NB Waiouru with us, he would have sorted it for us.

We were up early this morning, with the sun streaming into the bedroom ... check out the view from the balcony, taken with the phone ...

View from the hotel balcony ... 

Down at the pool before the Germans arrived this morning ...

Shortly we are being picked up by Mr Spanish Real Estate to show us what villas we can buy for half the cost of a one bedroom unit in Manly.

AdiĆ³s amigos  xx


  1. Looks absolutely fantastic - bring bit of that sunshine back in a jar for us! George wants to know where your crocks are! Enjoy yourselves.xx

    1. The crocs have been worn, but Elaine reckons they don't match anything

  2. I see you have been working on your political correctness Paul! Joe says that there is something to be said for eugenics - he being another member of the PC brigade of course.