Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An Unusual Occurence

 The day started off normally with our walk along the beach with the boys.

The beach is now in full winter mode, the wooden duck-board walkways have been removed, all the bins have been removed , all that is left is Sand!!

The water is still a very pleasant temperature ...

I nearly braved a swim, but it is just a bit too chilly once you get out ...

We have been here now for nearly a month and I would have to say we are well and truly getting used to the slow way of life here!  The boat was a pretty busy life, with locks and constant upkeep of the boat etc and the motorhome was a life constantly on the move. 

This is a life stood still!  There is nothing for us to do apart from keeping the flat clean and tidy and walk the dogs!  It is without a doubt the most relaxed we have ever been.

In saying that if we lived here we would have to find something to do, probably volunteering for the local animal rescue centre or the like.

But things are going to change........

This is when the very unusual occurrence took place.

I was ironing some clothes ...

Why you ask....?

The change will start next week when I fly off to Amsterdam for 5 days.  I am meeting up with my old boss from Oz, who is over here for the Annual Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS).  The idea is for me to get up to speed on what is happening in the marine industry and to have a chat about going back to work at All Marine Spares when we go back to Oz next year.

So for the first time in three years it will be dress up time ... hence the ironing of shirts etc.
I do quite enjoyed being a slob!

As I write this it is raining and 10 degrees.....nooooooooooo!

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