Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Long Trek Back To The UK

As we wanted to make an early start on Tuesday we had decided to have an early night, so by 01.00 we were in bed!  Well its earlier than normal!

We did make it up at a reasonable hour to a cracking sunrise, however ...
valencia 020

Goodbye lovely home ...
valencia 022

Once again, Elaine did an amazing job packing everything in the tardis ...
valencia 026

There was just enough room to squeeze the boys in.  I am so glad we chose small doggies, we would have been buggered with a big breed!  An added bonus is that picking up the dog crap is nearly an enjoyable task - just cant imagine having a Great Dane, Christ you would need a JCB!
valencia 029

After about 10 mins, the boys were asleep ...
valencia 031

Just over 400 kms later we were cruising into Valencia ...
valencia 033

It was a bit of a shock after the laid back lifestyle of Mojacar, still pretty quiet for a city though.
Sammie took over from Tom Tom ...
valencia 034

We didn't have any time for sightseeing, plus I was feeling a bit tired and emotional, so we just took a few pics as we drove through ...
valencia 038

valencia 039

We arrived at our apartment and after a bit of a palaver getting the keys we were in.  We were given a remote control to get into the underground car park, then a swipe card for the car park barrier, a key to operate the lift and finally a key to get into the apartment!  (We did have a moment stepping out of the lift on the 6th floor when we were suddenly plunged into complete blackness - luckily El had a torch in her bag and we then found the light switches!!

The view from the 6th floor was quite impressive and the price of 40 Euros a night was fantasic.  We smuggled the dogs in as they generally make a charge for the doggies, which can be up to 10 Euros each!
valencia 041

For 40 Euros you get dodgy Spanish wiring ...
valencia 043

The view from the kitchen / laundry wasn't quite as good, but very functional.  The residents hang their washing out on the inside of the building, so it doesn't look an eye ore from the front...
valencia 044

Bloody hell its a long way down ...
valencia 054

Not a bad pad though, this one.  It sleeps four and had a big pool, restaurant/bar, gym and tennis courts - all very securely inside the premises ...
valencia 046
Lounge / dining

valencia 047
Main bedroom - much smaller bed than we have been used to in Mojacar (that was a Super King!!)

Elaine was happy as there was a bath!  Whilst I had a siesta, she had a very long bathe ..
valencia 048

valencia 049
Spare room

valencia 050
Kitchen leading to laundry

valencia 051
Laundry area

We went for a walk tonight, it was a nice 20 degrees but the locals had their boots and coats on!

I would have to say that today's drive was rather boring.  Inland from the coast Spain has rather dull and ugly countryside, some may call it rugged!

It greened up a little as we neared Valencia and tomorrow should be much more impressive as we head north over the Pyrenees. 

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