Sunday, November 23, 2014

Penultimate Day In Mojacar :-(

Yesterday arvo Bombo wanted to watch Man Utd vs Arsenal down the pub (Emerald Isle) ... there were no arguments from me, he was very happy to see the mighty reds win!

We took the dogs back to base, had a quick dinner then went back down the pub to watch a very good blues duo (Jake Bourke and Rihd) ...

The chap on the right was a giant, look how small he makes the guitar look! 

They were very talented - we we determined to stay til the end and almost made it, leaving at about midnight!

Today was packing day - Sammie was determined not to get left behind ...

Later in the day we went for a walk (and a sit) on the beach ...

It was such a lovely day, we are going to miss this place so much ...

It has been the most fantastic laid back break ... and we both have a massive feeling that we will be back!

Tonight we went down the beach hut (Tito's Cantina) to watch Clive Sarstedt and Maurice Casanove in action again.  We sat at a table and then suddenly realised the resident cat was sitting opposite us - somehow the boys didn't spot it!

The owners dog was also chillin ...

When we left the owner gave Elaine a big hug.  They have been running Tito's and the beach bar for over 30 years.  Just as we are about to leave Mojacar we are just starting to get known in the community a little bit!

I planned a route back ot Calais today and booked accommodation en route.  I don't normally like planning ahead because if there are any hiccups you can lose your money, but it is a lot easier knowing where we are heading for!

I will leave booking  the ferry till the last day or so!


  1. My mother worked in Mojacar 40 years ago. In a pub/café called "Till's".
    Till was an Austrian I think. His wife Grete was Norwegian. I wonder if that place still exists. My mother just died, at 87.
    Greetings from Norway.

    1. It must have been fantastic 40 years ago, it is quite remote now!
      it is a top spot and well worth a visit, especially to escape the northern hemisphere winter. There is a huge Norwegian population in Albir Spain. Sorry we didnt spot Till's