Monday, November 24, 2014

Magical Mojacar.....We'll Be Back

It was our last day here today.  We didn't change the routine much .... we went down the beach for a walk with the boys, then breakfast in a beach bar (Arriba).

Elaine and Bombo doing the last prom walk for 2014!

Then it was up to the local servo to fill with fuel and check the oil, water and tyre pressures.

While we were there we spotted this heavily disguised car which was filling up with fuel.  They do a lot of car testing in this region, the car was full of gadgetry and sensors and looked like the new Jag XF.  I asked the driver if it was the new Jag, he gave me the old "no speaky English" a Brummie accent! 

When he left the counter, the girl behind the desk told me that he is always in here ... and confirmed that it is the new Jaguar XF!

The rest of the day was spent packing and cleaning up the flat.

Tonight we made a last trip to the shopping centre to get a birthday pressie for El's friend.  Then we went out for Pizza to 'Ottocento' then to the local (Emerald Isle) for a last drink ... where we learnt that the Great Train Robber Mastermind Gordon Goody lives in Mojacar and has done so for many years!! We bade farewell to our friends there and the landlord gave us a bottle of red as a parting pressie :)

So, Mojacar, what is it like??

The easiest way to describe it by what it doesn't have ...

  • There are no high rise apartments.
  • There are no Maccas, Burger Kings, Pizza Huts or any fast food franchises.
  • There are no huge shopping centres.
  • There are no water parks and theme parks etc, hence very few children.
  • There appears to be no crime, although Elaine spotted a little old lady nicking a plastic flower from outside a shop the other day!

So there you have it, it's a lovely quiet little place that not many people seem to know about.  There are some excellent cheap restaurants and bars and a really lovely local community.

If you fancy a lovely, relaxing, sunny break I can wholeheartedly recommend  Emerald Holidays for all your accommodation needs.  Once again they are fantastic, honest people ... who couldn't have have been more understanding when we told them that we were cutting our stay by one month.

So tomorrow we head off back to the UK ... we should get back on Saturday.

We have now decidedto postpone our return to Oz so we have cancelled ours and the boys tickets so it looks like the poms will have to put up with us a bit longer!

Now where are we going to live?   Hmmm ... we seem to have nothing left to live in!!!  

Adiós Mojacar espero que veremos pronto xxxx

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