Saturday, November 15, 2014

Indalo Man

Indalo man is the local protective symbol, he was discovered as a cave drawing in the late 19th century ... they estimate the drawings to be 4500 years old.

Elaine has been making various crafty items with a few of them depicting the Indalo man ...

He is everywhere in the Mojacar and Almeria area ..

Elaine donated her Objets d'art to the local animal welfare charity, along with a lot of our old clothes etc.  We have got to whittle everything down to 2 suitcases for when we return to Oz.

Back to yesterday....what a awful day weather wise!  It was blowing a gale litterally!  Check out this schooner bashing into the heavy weather, he was a couple of hundred of metres off the beach, interestingly the wind was a right old sirocco ...

We met a group of Swedish motorhomers in the village yesterday, they even had clothes on! They were looking for somewhere to stay for a few days, so .  We told them about the spot we stayed at in our motorhome last July.  We passed by a few hours later to see that all eight motorhomes had moored up safely!

Today dawned to a complete change from yesterday. It was lovely and warm with not a breath of wind and a dead flat sea.

It was also a very sad day, I was instructed by Elaine to bin my very knackered straw hat.  I bought it when we were on the narrowboat in Newbury and love it!  It is was a very well travelled and worn hat.  I couldn't bear to chuck it in the bin so I left it to weather away on the beach! 
Today was market day for the local church, they had a fair bit of old tat for sale ...

Not a bad location for the market though ...

We spent an hour or so lazing on the beach.  Sammie isn't looking forward to flying back to Oz..... 

... so he going to tunnel back!!

Late in the arvo I went down the pub to watch the rugger followed by the footy.  It's been another tough day in paradise!

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