Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spanish Indian!

Being a weekend there are a few more people around, plus the weather was a bit better so a few people were having a dip in the med ...

Well about 2 people were having a dip!

Here are the doggies having a pose, for a change ...

We had no real plans yesterday so apart from walking the dogs, it was.......  

....... a day of sport for me!   I went down the pub and watched football and rugby, what a bargain!

 Elaine stayed back at base sorting out her web page for when we get back to Oz and teaching herself how to use 'Audacity' apparently!  (Never a dull moment with that girl :)

We both fancied a night in so we thought we would go and get an Indian takeaway for a change.
We had an Indian before in Javea whilst we were travelling and it was first class.  However, the takeaway last night was 1st class pigswill!

The restaurant looked like an Indian restaurant, the staff looked like and spoke like Indians, but the food was far from it. 

Mine was just about edible but Elaine's was a plate of slimy slop - supposed to be a mixed vegetable dish but she could only find 4 peas within the slop. 

We will wait till we get back to the UK before we have our next Indian, it's very hard to get a dodgy one there!  Way too scarey here :)

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