Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tito's End of Season Party

Tito's is a restaurant at the bottom of our street, it sits right next to the beach.  It has become our favourite restaurant and bar in Mojacar.  Unfortunately, Sunday night was to see it closing for the end of the season, so we decided to make the most of it while we could! 

We went there for lunch yesterday (Saturday) ...

The food was fantastic as per usual and the beer icy cold ...

Today we drove up the coast to Garucha, which is just a few mins drive from Mojacar.
It is very much a Spanish working town and fishing port.

It also has a nice prom and beach ...

There were about twenty large fishing boats in port ...

The cafes and bars were doing a brisk Sunday trade ...

We stopped at a local cafe for a fresh juice before heading back to Mojacar in the early afternoon, Elaine and Bombo went back to the unit but Sammie and I went down the pub to watch Man Utd vs Man City!

In the early evening we headed off to the end of season party at Tito's.
The place was packed with people overflowing onto the prom ...

The crowd was very much an English expat affair, very much a well-to-do bunch with a smattering of old English gangster types with crooked noses!  (Just my observations!)

They also had some rather attractive Brazilian dancers ...

Much better than that old flamenco nonsense ...

Clive Sarstedt was also playing (brother of the more famous, Peter).

An Irish folk singer named Finbar Furey also had a turn.  We had never heard of him but the Paddies in the crowd certainly knew of him!

Finbar Furey on Banjo

Then we had a fire work display on the beach ...

Oh, there are those damn girls again ...

So that is it till next March when they kick ff the 2015 season!

It was a very very good weekend.  It will be interesting to see how many other bars and restaurants have closed for the season!


  1. As do we! And we are not Irish. The Fureys were a very popular Irish folk band back when I was....... younger :-). Finbar used to play a mean set of Uilleann pipes. And they used to carry on crates of Guiness to lubricate them through their sets.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. I have put his pic on the blog now, I checked him out on Google, he has also done a bit of acting, a regular jack the lad.

  2. We certainly missed that one - jealous!

    1. You will be able to go to next year, stay the night in the MH.