Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Cat Lady Of Mojacar!

This is Elaine's new moniker, as she has now started feeding a few of the local stray cats ...

They are very friendly little pussies - they are quite siamese looking.  What we think happens is that they are just left behind when their owners bugger off for the winter,  Elaine is going to contact the local animal welfare group to see if they can help them;  the animal welfare group is run by ex-pat poms, animal welfare is not a priority for the average Spaniard.  

They were very hungry this morning!  There is a black one as well, hiding in the trees!

We had breakfast at one of the remaining open cafes, which is run by a couple of poms and is a very nice cafe.  We had a long chat with them about running a business and living in Spain in general.  The business is up for sale as they have enough of the corrupt business practices of the local council.  They have been running the cafe for about 10 years and every year another official wants a handout for ridiculous things.  They will carry on living here though as they do enjoy the lifestyle.  

After brunch and our chat we went on a little road trip to Aguilas, which is about a one hour drive up the coast from us.

The route we took was up the scenic coast road.  We found quite a lot of motorhomers parked up on the beach fronts along the way!

The first lot we came across were very much 'clothes optional' travellers ... there was meat and two veg all over the place!
No close ups!

The second group were parked up in a really nice spot ... I want another motorhome!!!!

We didn't spot any pommie vans at either place though, so I don't know where they are all hiding out!

We arrived at Aguilas at the start of the siesta so we had the town to ourselves ...

There was an old Spanish steam train parked up in the middle of the town, as you do!  It was built in Glasgow in 1905!

How about this for a dove, bloody kids with their spray cans!

We managed to grab a seat outside a restaurant for a mid afternoon snack.  I had an ice cream sundae and El had some patatas and mushrooms (tapas)!  Strange, but that is what she fancied :)

The town square was lovely, as was the weather, which hovered around 24 degrees for most of the day.

Can you spot the spray painted dove in the tree?

The locals were playing petanque on the beach ...

Aguilas is very much a 'Spanish working town' ...

... meaning that it is is not predominately a tourist town ...

Most of the locals live in flats ...

On the way back to base we ended up on the tollway, 34 kilometres and 4.50 Euros.
We spotted one other car!!! 

We stopped off at the supermarket on the way back to buy some cat biscuits, then called in on the felines to give them their evening meal!

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