Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane......

Tomorrow I am leaving for Amsterdam for a few days.  Normal blogging will resume next Friday unless I get some time between  window shopping and cafe hopping in Amsterdam.

Reality is I am going to WORK! 

Back to today though and what a glorious day it was!  The temps are now in the low 20s so it is very pleasant indeed ...

Yesterday I said goodbye to my favourite hat, today Elaine said goodbye to her favourite sandals. They lasted for nearly three must make things last when there is not a wage coming in! 

Talking of the hat, it had been put on top of a stick overnight ...

Next stop was the Animal Welfare League Christmas fete ...

There was a very good turnout ...

Elaine was glad to see that her Objets d'art were for sale on one of the stalls ...

After that we 'did' lunch was at a beachside cafe ...

... where Bombo did a bit of sunbathing, much to the amusement of passers by ...


  1. Keep smiling guys, hopefully it's just over holidaying. Paul - work - my God that will be wake up call, but I'm sure you will enjoy it with your usual good humour. In Hobart at moment. Thinking of you. J&P (Tassie)

    1. Hi Guys yes the work was a real wake up call, I hope it is all well your end.

  2. Also thinking of you both, best wishes in heaps and bucketful's and a big virtual bunch of roses my friends.
    Heth and Dave xxx

  3. Hope you get an appointment ASAP.
    We used to visit METS regularly while we were still building boats. It was a good tax deductible "jolly" and a good show too

    1. Hi Yvonne, appointment 2nd December so that is good. Love METS a really good marine trade show.xx