Sunday, July 24, 2016

Catching Up With Old Friends.

The lovely weather is still with us thankfully, it makes walking the dogs so much more pleasurable.

This is one of the walks I take the boys on, its on part of the farm where I am moored up.

Elaine also wanted to enjoy some of the lovely sunshine but wasn't really well enough to  get out of bed so the lovely staff at the hospice said no probs we will take the bed outside! They are nice beyond comprehension.

The boys love being on the bed with Elaine, check Sammie out upside down in the gap at the bottom of the bed, whilst Bombo is crashed out with his mum further up the bed.

Bombo is still wearing his cone of shame.

I had a couple of visitors over the weekend, my old friends from Oz Graham and Andrea had come over over for a few weeks hols.

They were staying at Shrigley Hall which is located just outside of Bollington. 

Friday night we went to Sutton Hall, and last night we went on a mini pub crawl around Bollington.

I lived with Graham and Andrea for a few years in the early 90s, we had many fun times together and one big not so fun time when we came back very drunk from a wine tasting evening to see lots of fire engines in the street and their lovely home burning away, luckily the fire brigade arrived quickly and saved their two dogs and limited most of the damage to the back end of the house.

I have a lot to thank these two for as they gave me a room in their house when my life was going a bit shitty. It was while living with them that I met the lovely Elaine in 1995 and the rest is history so to speak.     

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  1. Old friends are good friends indeed, they accept us as we are, secrets and all.
    Great to see the doggies and Elaine enjoying the sunshine.
    Best wishes to you all.
    Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler, back hone in NZ