Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The visitors continue to come, a couple of day ago it was my brother, sister, brother in law, nephew and his girlfriend that popped up from daan saaf.

As per usual I have been walking the boys around the country side in the morning before I go to the hospice.
We had  a good chat with a lot of cows yesterday. 

Life is still going good on the farm, even the weather has improved. 

We have also had one day with no visitors, Bombo just loves crashing on the bed with his beloved mum. 

My brother and his wife also visited but I forgot to take a pic.... 

I think it is now to stop any more pics from the hospice so I'm not quite sure where the blog will go from here, probably more pics of cows!


  1. Your love for each other along with your strenghth and resilience have always shone through. Sometimes life's crap!! Take care. Paula x

    1. Thanks Paula. Yep it's all a bit crap, but we have some fantastic support so it's bearable xx

  2. Thinking of you both all the time,love Greg and Sheila xxx