Sunday, July 17, 2016

Meeting Boaters And Long Lost Cousins.

My first task this morning was to go and hunt down NB AmyJo, I have been in touch with Steve and following their blog so I knew they were in the area.

I parked up in Bollington and took a stroll through the streets, have I mentioned before that I love Bollington, when I finally decide to settle down somewhere this place is going to be right up there, the weather is crap but the location and the people are lovely.

Today though the weather was sunny and HOT!

I found Steve and Chris having brekkie at the Clarence Mill, I joined them for a coffee, then we returned to their boat which was moored up on the viaduct for a tour.

It is as superb boat in design and quality and I wish them well on their future adventures on the cut.

As well as living in Bolly one day I can seriously see a return to the cut myself one day, it is such a lovely relaxed life style, but I would have to head south to Mojacar for the winter. 

I then headed to the hospice where I found Elaine chatting to a strange man!! It was her long lost nephew Jamie McBride who she last saw over 40 years ago when he was a baby!!  They had a lovely long chat with Elaine filling in all the missing bits re Jamies relatives. 

Elaine hasn't ventured outside now for over six weeks, so with the help of the lovely nurses at the hospice we got her ready and comfortable and put her in a wheelchair so I could take her for a walk around the surrounding area in the magical sunshine.  It was too hot for the boys so I ended up pushing the three of them! 

When we got back to the hospice Elaine went for the comfy chair whilst the boys crashed out on her bed. 

I left Elaine in the early evening as she was feeling tired.
Once back at base I parked up the car, opened up all the windows in the van to cool it down and set off with the boys for a walk.

Past my favourite view of the Macc canal at Sutton. 

It would have been rude to not stop at the Sutton Hall pub for a pint, some bloke had turned up in his steam traction engine!

I then went for a walk through the village and down to the King Head for another pint.

Once back at the farm I took some pics as the the light was fantastic.

Its been so nice to see the sun, its been weeks!  

It really is a nice place to moor up, I have been here six weeks now!!

There has only been one van here this weekend, now I am back on my own again, just as I like it. 

Finally a big thank you  to my boaty friends, my friends from Oz and general blog readers who donated so much money for my poor little great nephew, my niece writes to me every day thanking me for the very generous donations, thanks to you guys the target was smashed and has nearly doubled.

Whilst I'm in the thanking mode I must  mention the staff from the East Cheshire Hospice  These people go so far beyond the normal standard of care  it is humbling. Nothing but nothing is too much trouble for them, I don't know how they do it day after day, this applies to the paid staff and the volunteers.

I cannot thank these people enough for the love and care they are giving Elaine when she needs it so much.
She is totally happy there and its all thanks to them.

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