Friday, July 29, 2016

A Grand day Out.

I have been moored up on the farm now for seven weeks. They have always told me that this weekend has been booked for a big family gathering. Apparently they book the whole site every year for the weekend. They asked me if I minded moving off the site and park up around the back with the horse floats for the weekend.
No problems says I, so just for a change I got up early and took the van for a spin to pick up my washing from the bagwash at Bolly , then to Tesco for a bit of a shop.
 Tesco was an eyeopener in the early morning......loads of OAPs staggering around the aisles, checking the label of everything they pick up!! A 20 minute shop took me about 40 minutes trying to get round the buggers.

So this is my weekend mooring around the back of the farm, its not a problem as there is a 240 hook up.

So to the big day out, Elaine has been hankering after some nice food, so between myself and her lovely friend Jane we managed to arrange a lunch at Sutton Hall, which is one of Elaine's and mine favourite places in the UK.
I did the easy bit in booking the restaurant, Jane managed to find a wheelchair taxi at very short notice.
The staff at the hospice excelled themselves in getting Elaine ready for her big day out, its the first time she has been out in seven weeks and it really meant a lot to her.
We had a lovely few hours at the restaurant and enjoyed some yummy food. 
It really took it out of Elaine, but I'm sure it was worth it. 

A big thank you to Jane and her husband Andy for such a lovely day out, hopefully we can do it again.

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