Thursday, July 7, 2016

I'm Just Walking The Dog

The farm campsite is a reasonable size and is licensed for eight caravans and motorhomes, it is generally empty during the week so you can moor up anywhere as the electric points are dotted all around the perimeter.

Imagine my surprise when I came back from visiting Elaine when I found another motorhome moored up just a few feet from me. 

He did move later on which was good I do like to have a bit of space...

When I walk the dogs I walk up some steps to the canal, we pass a window of a little cottage. About two weeks ago there was a cat in the window, and the boys and the cat had a good old boxing match against the glass.  Now they have a nose through the window, every time we walk past. 

My walks generally pass the canal at some point. 

Yesterdays walk across the fields were blocked by some rather large bovines, all laying down beyond the sheep, I decided to back track rather than get trampled, it really could ruin your day. 

And finally past the Sutton church before arriving back at base.

Elaine had a blood transfusion yesterday so hopefully it will perk her up a bit.

My thoughts today are with Les (NB Valerie) his cancer has come back and its not good, it really is a bastard disease!

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