Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thank You Spain......

......For sending us some lovely hot weather, it is so much appreciated.

The heatwave arrived nice and early in the morning, I wound the awning in so the rays would dry the bog of eternal stench outside of the motorhome.

I had to take the laundry to the bagwash at Bollington so I took the boys for a walk around the village whilst there.

As I have many a time said England in the summertime is without equal. 

The views from the Bolly aqueduct are just fab. 

I have always admired this house at the end of the aqueduct, it is superb. 

None of this namby pamby OHS for the tough northerners! 

Our old cottage in the centre of the village is looking resplendent with its new windows and front door. 

The shade temp at noon, a lovely 33 degrees.

It was then time to head off to Macclesfield railway station to pick up Elaine's nieces Leyna and Josie who had come up from London and Kent to visit their lovely auntie.

Elaine loved having her feet and legs massaged by the pair of them.

I dropped the girls off at Macc railway station at 19.00 then headed back to the van and down to the pub for a cooling pint, whilst I was there, I received a call from Leyna to say that Josie had lost her iPhone  and it was either in the car or maybe left at the railway station.
It wasn't in the car so I drove down to the station, lo and behold the kind girl behind the kiosk had found it and  handed it over to the station master......lovely person.

By now it was nearly 21.00 so I treated myself to a Thai takeaway.

Its now 22.30 and still 26 degrees....love it!  

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