Saturday, July 9, 2016

I Don't Like To Beg But.........

As you all know Elaine has been fighting this cancer for three years, its been pretty damn crap but financially it hasn't been too hard so I don't need or expect any help.

Elaine's lovely sister is also battling cancer, once again she doesn't require any financial help.

Now for the real bad niece Leigha has a 11 month old baby Alfie he has just been diagnosed with a rare cancer, he has already undergone a 4 hour operation to remove the tumour and has now started chemo.

The difference is that this is a young couple who are both working and this is going to hit them financially.

A Go Fund Me page has just been set up, any help would be so much appreciated by Elaine, myself and of course my niece Leigha and her husband Brad.

Please help if you can....... here is the link.....


  1. I would like to thank Paul and Elaine's friends on here for generously donating. I for one is so overwhelmed for any share/donation made. This is only the start or their fight and battle.. love, hugs and well wishes to you all.
    Kerri xx (leighas mum, Alfies Nan)

    1. They are a very generous bunch of people xx