Sunday, July 3, 2016

Flasher Mac

When we left Spain to head back to the van it was all a bit of a rush, Elaine left me a list of stuff to take in the van, plus I went from room to room picking bits and pieces to take.

I forgot one very important bit of a kit, mainly because they had all been stashed away and not been used.


I have been here now exactly one month, the first 5 days were hot and sunny,  unfortunately after that it was situation normal with rain rain and more rain.

So yesterday I bit the bullet and went looking for a raincoat, I went around all the charity stores first because the new me doesn't like spending money on nice stuff, I prefer the dero look!

Unfortunately none of the shops had a coat so I had to resort to Millets and buy a Peter Storm wet weather jacket.....Do you want a bag the shop assistant said, Have you seen the weather out there I replied, I'm wearing it! 

I have only had it a day and its seen a months worth of rain, I'm pleased to say it is very dry underneath!

This morning I woke to brilliant sunshine, perhaps  should have bought it a month ago!

A selfie pose this morning and yes ladies I'm naked underneath!!!

Yesterday we had visitors from Swindon, namely Elaine's brother Terry, wife Jill their daughter Callie and son Jon. Jons girlfriend Jema also accompanied them. 

The lovely chocolate lab Ruca came along for the ride. 

Elaine has been on a very boring diet since being in the hospice, but has been pining for a Thai takeaway, so last night her wish was granted, I picked up a lovely dinner from the Maliwan Thai in Macc town centre, plus a couple of beers so we had a lovely dinner back at the hospice.

Today my sister and her family are driving up from Milton Keynes. 


  1. To much information Paul!! It was bad enough imagining 😳
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. AAAgh why did you have to have the highly reflective Dogs Bowl on the floor behind your Bum !!

    Hope its all going well - Paul.J.