Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Some Very Good News And A Little Bit Of Bad News

First the good news.....Bombo lump was this.........Trichoblastomas are a cutaneous condition characterised by benign neoplasms of follicular germinative cells Trichoblastic fibroma is a designation used to characterise small nodular trichoblastomas with conspicuous fibrocytic stroma, sometimes constituting over 50% of the lesion.

All that gobbledegook translates to he had a benign lump so he is 100% fine and is healing well, I cant believe how quickly his fur is growing back. 

The not so good news is that the lovely Volvo that I have been driving around for nearly two months went limp on me today, as is it went into limp mode.

The car has been lent to me by one of Elaine's friends and is a bit of a rocket ship. Today though as I was driving along the road to Bolly it would go no faster than 40MPH.

I drove it slowly to Shaw St Motors in Macclesfield, he was really busy but once I told him the reason that I need the car, it was no problem, He said leave it with us and we will check it out.

They rang a couple of hours later and had diagnosed a fractured turbo pipe, so it was getting no boost. It should be up and running tomorrow some time.

I ended up walking to the hospice and later in the arvo got a cab back to the farm.

The good news far outweighed the bad, I'm off to the pub for a celebratory drink!


  1. At last the break you asked for! Soooooooo glad Bombo has been given the OK. He did look a little sorry for himself the other night.

    Hugs to you both

  2. I'm really glad that Bombo is OK; he certainly looks a very benign character! If you had to have even more bad news, I'm relieved it was only the car, this time.

    1. If it had been bad news for the little doggie I don't quite know how I would have handled it!

  3. So relieved for Bombo and you. The scar will attract all the ladies to him as it will make him look roguish and interesting.

    1. Yep he likes his scar, makes him look like a tough boy xxx