Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another First

Today was another first, we caught a bus to Macclesfield, what is unusual about that you ask....well we took the dogs with us! In Australia dogs are banned on all forms of public transport so it was a bit special, and it was a double decker!

A lot of the shops are getting into the Jubilee spirit.

One of Macclesfields more popular pubs, dogs are allowed children are not, my sort of pub. We popped into see Elaine's  dad for a cuppa and then caught the bus back to Bollington

On the wayback to the boat we stopped at the windmill for a quick one.

Elaine picked a few wild flowers on the short walk back to the boat.

Tonight  I am looking into train times and fares to London, its about time we took the boys on a train adventure to the capital. 


  1. How are the cats adjusting to life aboard?

    1. Hi Lesley
      Very well, they are old cats, 19,18 and 15 so they are very content to just sit inside the boat, they quite enjoy the cratch when the sun shines.

  2. Don't know whether you are aware or not, depends whether your UK relies have used long distance trains recently, but the fares are usually ridiculously expensive. We have a daughter living in London, and regularly get cheapies by booking in advance. Our latest one is £60 return for the both of us in July, which we booked here in April. That's less than the cost of fuel in the car.

    1. Yep used Trainline, 50 quid return from Macclesfield to Euston, not too bad!